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        NTMF Nantong Menthol Factory Co.,LTD
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        Add: 74 Haierxiang North Road Nantong, Jiangsu, China
        Zipcode: 226001

        Director/GM: Li zhujun
        Tel: 86-513-85512009
        Fax: 86-513-85537011

        Business Key Contact

        Menthol Series:
        Tel: 86-513-85527569

        Medicine Series:

        Tel: 86-513-85516854

        Flaver & Perfumery Series:
        Linxusheng Liangjun
        Tel: 86-513-85527569

        natural menthol series - Product - Nantong Menthol Factory Co.,LTD

        Our product of the "white cat" brand of menthol crystal , is keeping the award of the National Gold Medal from 1979 to now. And the natural crystals is honoured as the trump card of Asian Perfumery. It's mainly used in medicine, food, tooth paste, tobacco, wines, cooling drinks, antinflammatory agents, catminative, ammmalgesics, antipruritic drug, and other daily cosmetic products. They had a good sale in the world and occupied 30% market in the world, totally exported 50,000 tons.

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        white catnatural menthol crystal
        natural menthol crystal:

        a colorless, prismatic or acicular crystals; odour, penetrating, resembling that of peppermint ; taste, warm and aromatic, followed by a sensation of cold. 
        Tech index
        melting range: 42-44
        nonvolatitle matter: 0.05%
        heavy metals(Pb): 0.001%
        specific optical rotation(25): -50㡫-49
        white catpeppermint oil , dementholized
        "white cat" brand peppermint oil , dementholized  
        white catoil of spearmint
        "white cat" brand oil of spearmint : 
        1. natural menthol series

        2. white catnatural menthol crystal
          white catpeppermint oil , dementholized
          white catoil of spearmint
        3. menthol balm series

        4. white catmenthol balm 
          jaguarmenthol balm 
          babytigermenthol balm 
        5. medicated oil series

        6. white catmedicated oil 
          white catwhite flower oil 
        7. natural camphor series

        8. aoyinatural camphor powder 
          aoyiwhite camphor oil 
          aoyisassafras oil 
          aoyieucalyplus oil 
          aoyiclove oil 
        9. synthetic perfumery series

        10. aoyimelonal 
          aoyilitsea cubeba oil 
          aoyil-menthyl acetate 
        11. flavour & fragrame series

        12. aoyirose flavour 
          aoyijasmin flavour 
          aoyiflower water flavour 
          aoyisantal flavour 
          aoyigreen herbaceous flavour 
          aoyihami melon flavour

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